Kode Karakter Ampersand (&) pada HTML

Dalam praktik, kita sering dihadapkan pada kondisi harus menampilkan karakter-karakter khusus, seperti ©. Untuk menuliskannya tentu tidak mungkin melalui satu tombol di keyboard karena sesungguhnya karakter tersebut muncul dari kombinasi beberapa karakter di keyboard. Kalaupun menghafal kombinasinya sulit, di sini saya buatkan catatan jika sewaktu-waktu dibutuhkan.

" Double quote
& & Ampersand (“and” sign)
&lt; < Less-than
&gt; > Greater-than
&nbsp; un-linebreak-able space
&iexcl; ¡ Upside-down !
&cent; ¢ Cent sign (c crossed out)
&pound; £ Pound sign: the currency symbol
not the tic-tac-toe telephone symbol, which is incorrectly called “pound”.
&curren; ¤ circle with dashes at NE, SE, SW, and NW
&yen; ¥ Y crossed out
&brvbar; ¦ Vertical line, maybe with gap in middle
&sect; § Section sign (like hurricane symbol on weather maps)
&uml; ¨ Two dots up in the air
&copy; © Copyright sign (C in a circle)
&ordf; ª lower case “a” up in the air
&laquo; « Two small less-than signs: the German open-quote
&not; ¬ Not sign from classical logic
&shy; ­ “Soft” hyphen: a dash
&reg; ® Registered sign (R in a circle)
&macr; ¯ Macron (horizontal line up in the air)
&deg; ° Degree sign
&plusmn; ± Plus-or-minus sign
&sup2 ² 2 up in the air
&sup3; ³ 3 up in the air
&acute; ´ Little dash pointing to North-East
&micro; µ Micro sign, lower case Greek Mu
&para; Paragraph sign (mirror image capital P with two legs and a black eye)
&middot; · Decimal Point (English style, mid-level)
&cedil; ¸ Small sickle shape, low down
&sup1; ¹ 1 up in the air
&ordm; º lower case “o” up in the air
&raquo; » Two small greater-than signs: the German close-quote
&frac14; ¼ One quarter
&frac12; ½ One half
&frac34; ¾ Three quarters
&iquest; ¿ Upside-down ?
&times; × Times sign: narrow x without serifs
&divide; ÷ Division sign: a colon : with a dash through it
&ETH; Ð Old English voiced “Th”, “D” with dash through upright
&eth; ð Old Englished voiced “th”: bendy “d” with dash through tail
&THORN; Þ Old English unvoiced “Th”: “P” but loop has slipped down
&thorn; þ Old English unvoiced “th”: smaller version of the above
&AElig; Æ “A” and “E” in a ligature, as in ENCYCLOPAEDIA
&aelig; æ “a” and “e” in a ligature, as in “encyclopaedia”
&OElig; Œ “O” and “E” in a ligature, as in MANOEUVRE
&oelig; œ “o” and “e” in a ligature, as in “manoeuvre”
&Aring; Å “A” with a little circle above: Angstrom sign
&Oslash; Ø “O” with diagonal line through: Empty set sign
&Ccedil; Ç “C” with cedilla (sickle shape) underneath
&ccedil; ç “c” with cedilla (sickle shape) underneath
&szlig; ß German “sz” ligature, like a lower case Greek Beta
&Ntilde; Ñ N with wiggle on top
&ntilde; ñ n with wiggle on top

Sumber: http://rabbit.eng.miami.edu/info/htmlchars.html

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