jQuery Plugin Cantik untuk Tooltip

Namanya TipTip jQuery Plugin. Plugin ini sangat bagus dipakai untuk menampilkan tooltip. Lagi-lagi, plugin ini didesain oleh Drew Wilson.

Cara penggunaanya sangat mudah, berikut saya ambilkan dari websitenya.

Obviously you need to make sure you have the latest jQuery library already loaded in your page. After that it’s really simple, just add the following code to your page:


Below is an example of using TipTip with some options:

$(".someClass").tipTip({maxWidth: "auto", edgeOffset: 10});

Below is an example of what your HTML would look like:

Cras sed ante. Phasellus in massa. <a href="" class="someClass" title="This will show up in the TipTip popup.">Curabitur dolor eros</a>, gravida et, hendrerit ac, cursus non, massa.
<span id="foo">
<img src="image.jpg" class="someClass" title="A picture of the World" />
Selamat mencoba…
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