Turnamen Pemrograman Teori Game

Hunger Games

A game theory programming tournament

Write an algorithm to fight to the death against other algorithms. Cooperate and compete with other players at different points in the game to survive and win.

Who can play?

Anyone – individuals and teams of up to 3 people.

What skills are tested?

Mathematical analysis, game theory, algorithmic thinking

When is the submission deadline?

August 18, 2013

Submission guidelines

The logic of your code and what game theory analyses you apply for the various steps must be either laid out as comments in the code or in a separate document. The algorithm (and separate document, if any) should be submitted by August 18, 2013 through your Brilliant account. Algorithms will be run tournament-style to determine the winner. The finalist teams will then have a short video interview with Brilliant staff, to verify that their work is their own.

Prizes for algorithms eligible for the final game will be awarded at two levels:

  • Grand Prize Winners – 5 teams will receive the Grand Prize of $1000. The winning algorithm is guaranteed to receive the Grand Prize. 4 other winners will be selected based on the performance of their algorithm, logic, game theory analysis, and presentation.
  • Finalists – Members of teams whose algorithm survives the game will receive an “I survived” t-shirt.

If you have questions, first check out the Hunger Games Discussions, and if you don’t see your question there then you can post it as a new comment.


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2 Balasan ke Turnamen Pemrograman Teori Game

  1. Agan Manis berkata:

    Wah, itu font judul sama isinya kok gedean isinya ya? Tidak mengikuti kaidah tipografi tuh gan..

  2. wisnurdi berkata:

    Sip gan, sudah saya sesuaikan, hehe

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