Percakapan Bahasa Inggris

Suer, saya ini sangat kagok kalau ngobrol dengan bahasa Inggris. Padahal di kampus ada orang Korea, seorang profesor, yang kebetulan satu lab. Kan, nggak enak kalau tidak diajak ngobrol. Tapi ya itu tadi, kalau mau ngobrol rasanya kok lidah ini kelu. Tapi, ala bisa karena biasa. Oleh karena itu, berikut ini saya kumpulkan beberapa contoh percakapan bahasa Inggris dari belantara dunia maya. Harapannya satu, biar lidah tidak kelu kalau bicara dengan bahasa asing. Semoga bermanfaat…

Sebagai pemain, saya gunakan nama Bro dan Sis. Niatnya untuk menghindari kesamaan nama tokoh, agar tidak ada yang merasa tersinggung. Hehe…


  • Bro is visiting his classmate Sis. At this time, Sis is in the backyard of her house.
  • Bro : Hi, Sis.
  • Sis : Hi, Bro.
  • Bro : what are you doing?
  • Sis : well. I’m planting a rose now. Can you help me get the flower pot over here, please?
  • Bro : yes, of course.
  • Bro takes the flower pot and gives it to Sis.
  • Bro : here you are.
  • Sis : thank you, Bro.
  • Bro : you’re welcome. These flowers are beautiful. Are they all yours?
  • Sis : yes. My mother bought them for me.
  • Bro : oh, I see. By the way, would you like me to water the flowers?
  • Sis : no, thanks. You don’t have to.


  • Bro : Sis, can you do me a favor, please?
  • Sis : of course, what can I do for you?
  • Bro : would you be so kind as to take care of my cat. I’m going to Bogor tomorrow to visit my uncle, he is sick. I’ll be there for about two days.
  • Sis : I’d be very happy to take care of your cat, I love cats.
  • Bro : great. Thanks
  • Sis : should I bath it?
  • Bro : no, it’s not necessary.


  • Sis : Bro can you do me a favor, please?
  • Bro : of course, what can I do for you?
  • Sis : could you buy some medicine for me? I’m not feeling well.
  • Bro : I think you’ve got caught cold. Don’t worry. I’ll buy you some medicine.


  • Bro : Sis, can you help me please?
  • Sis: sure! what’s wrong, Bro? You look sick.
  • Bro : I’ve got a headache, and my body feels cold.
  • Sis: what? Here, I have a thermometer. You have a fever, your temperature is high. I suggest you to see a doctor.


A couple go to the shopkeeper to ask something.

  • Bro : excuse me.
  • Shopkeeper : yes. Can I help you?
  • Sis : may I have a blue shirt with the design like this red one, please?
  • Shopkeeper : yes, of course. I think we still have it in the storehouse. Please wait a minute.
  • Bro : yes, thank you.
  • After a while, the shopkeeper is back.
  • Shopkeeper : here you are, sir.
  • Bro : thank you.
  • Shopkeeper : would you also like a hat, sir? There are several colours, including blue.
  • Bro : no, thank you. I don’t like wearing a hat. But we’re very interested in buying some souvenirs you have.
  • Sis : yes, the souvenirs are very pretty. By the way, we’ll pay the shirt later along with the souvenirs, if you don’t mind.
  • Shopkeeper : not at all. Please.


Sis and Bro are in zoo, looking at some birds in the cages.

  • Bro : what’s so special about the birds? Tell me about them.
  • Sis : of course, most birds can fly.
  • Bro : do you know that birds can fly?
  • Sis : hmmm, ostriches, emus, and the bird from Papua …… what’s its name?
  • Bro : oh cassowary, right?
  • Sis : yeah, that’s right. Why are you asking? Do you like birds too?
  • Bro : sure, birds are beautiful. I like peacocks very much.
  • Sis : peacocks? With their fanlike tails, right? I like them too.


Sir Bro is on a summer vacation in a town. He is trying to get to the bank but he doesn’t know how. He is asking someone for the information.

  • Sir Bro : excuse me, do you know where the first national bank is, madam?
  • Madam Sis : yes. Just go straight down this road and the bank is on your right, sir!
  • Sir Bro : thank you very much, madam. By the way, can you tell me how to get the subway station from the bank?
  • Madam Sis : sure, you have to take the no. 12 bus and get off in Burbank street. The subway station is there.
  • Sir Bro : are you sure? As far as I know the guide book informs us that we have to take the no. 14 bus.
  • Madam Sis : you’re right. I confused the no. 14 bus with the no. 12 one.
  • Sir Bro : thank you, madam. Have a pleasant day.
  • Madam Sis : you’ve very welcome, sir.


At a department store in Bali, a tourist from Washington, Sis and Bro are going to by some clothes.

  • Bro : this store has various items. There are many clothes and souvenirs here.
  • Sis : yes, you’re are right.
  • Bro : what do you think about this shirt?
  • Sis : mm… but I don’t think red is the right color for you. I think blue will be better.
  • Bro : do you really think so? I think red is nice.
  • Sis : actually, I think red is too bright for you.
  • Bro : mm… I guess you’re right.
  • Sis : but there is no blue shirt here. Let’s ask to the shopkeeper.
  • Bro : yeah…


  • Sis : hi, Bro. Where are you going anyway?
  • Bro : oh, hi Sis. I’m going to the library.
  • Sis : oh. Hey maybe you can also borrow teen lit or chick lit there?
  • Bro : well, I think that’s impossible, Sis. Because I don’t like those books. In my opinion, the stories are not so interesting and sometime they’re so boring.
  • Sis : I see. According to me, the books are okay. The stories are based on the everyday facts in teenagers life.
  • Bro : then, we have different opinion about it Sis. And I appreciate your opinion.


Bro and all her classmates are going to Disneyland, Paris. Bro is chatting with her best friend, Sis.

  • Bro : it’s very exciting today.
  • Sis : yes, it is. I’m having so much fun.
  • Bro : which is the most exciting game for you here?
  • Sis : well, I must say that roller coaster is the most exciting game. Do you agree with me?
  • Bro : yes, I agree with you. The roller coaster gave me an unforgettable experience. I think I want to ride it again.
  • Sis : yes, me too.


In telephone Conversation.

  • Sis : hello.
  • Bro : hello. May I speak to Sis?
  • Sis : this is Sis. Who’s speaking?
  • Bro : this is Bro. I just want to tell you that I can’t go to Tokyo with you next week.
  • Sis : hold on, tell me what’s wrong?
  • Bro : well, my brother is being treated in the hospital for a dengue fever. So I have to stay in Canada for a week.
  • Sis : oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope your brother get well soon. Hey, I know. I can change my ticket to Canada; we can go together, right?
  • Bro : yeah, Sis that’s a good idea. Well see you in the air port.
  • Sis : see you.


In telephone conversation.

  • Bro : hello…! Sis?
  • Sis : hi, Bro. How are you?
  • Bro : fine, thanks. I heard you are in London now.
  • Sis : yes. How is in New York, Bro?
  • Bro : it’s foggy here, it’s 32 Fahrenheit. How about London?
  • Sis : well, it’s very cold here. It’s -1 degrees Celsius.
  • Bro : wow.. that’s very cold.
  • Sis : OK then. I call you later.
  • Bro : OK. Bye.


Conversation with a Stranger.

  • Sis : nice day, isn’t it?
  • The girl : yeah. The sky is so clear. I love this weather
  • Sis : so do i. We can go everywhere.
  • The girl : but I heard the rain will come soon this week.
  • Sis : really? Well. It is the season
  • The girl : you are right. Um…. The bus seems to be running late.
  • Sis : I think so. How long have you been waiting?
  • The girl : about twenty minutes.
  • Sis : are you in hurry?
  • The girl : yeah. I’m in hurry. I must reach the hospital before evening.
  • Sis : ooh, here is my bus. Well, I have to go now. Nice meeting you.
  • The girl : likewise.


Conversation with a stranger.

  • Bro : hello. It’s hot day today, isn’t it?
  • Sis : right. That’s what I like about Indonesia.
  • Bro : do you?
  • Sis : yeah. I can sunbath anytime I want.
  • Bro : by the way, is this your first time here?
  • Sis : no, it is my second visit. I like Indonesia.
  • Bro : well, I bet you do.
  • Sis : Uhhmm… sorry, I have to go now. Nice talking to you.
  • Bro : nice talking to you. Good bye.
  • Sis : good bye.


  • Sis: Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you?
  • Bro: Yes, thanks. It’s very kind of you.
  • Sis: Are you tourist?
  • Bro: Yes I am. I come from Holland. My name is Bro Graaf. I’m glad to meet you.
  • Sis: The pleasure is mine. My name is Sis Nani. I’m is a native here. How long have you been here?
  • Bro: I’ve been here for five days.
  • Sis: Are you going to stay for long?
  • Bro: No, I’m just on a short holiday.
  • Sis: How long are you going to stay?
  • Bro: I hope to stay about two weeks.
  • Sis: Are you enjoying it here?
  • Bro: Yes, I like it very much.
  • Sis:Is it too hot for you?
  • Bro: It’s hot, but not too hot.
  • Sis: And how do you find the feed?
  • Bro:It’s delicious and very tasty.
  • Sis:Where are you staying?
  • Bro:I’m staying Mr and Mrs Azziz.
  • Sis: Yes I know them very well. I hope you have a nice holiday here.
  • Bro: Thank you. I’m sure I will.


  • Bro : Hi Sis, why do you collect many stamps?
  • Sis : Ohh…. Hi Bro. I am collecting the stamps for my collection.
  • Bro : What do you mean?
  • Sis : Yes, actually my hobby is collecting stamps.
  • Bro : Why do you like collecting stamps?
  • Sis : Because I like to see the unique pictures of the stamps. How about you, what is your hobby?
  • Bro : Hmm… I think I don’t have hobby. Should we have a hobby?
  • Sis : Not really. But in our lives we must have something we like most which is called hobby.
  • Bro : So, hobby is a pleasure. Then, I think I have a hobby now.
  • Sis : Of course, so what is your hobby?
  • Bro : I like to read comics especially detective Conan.
  • Sis : That is your hobby. Reading comic. Do you have all of detective Conan’s collection?
  • Bro : Yes, I do. I even go to the black market because the original comics have not yet been published. How about your stamps collection?
  • Sis : So far I have collected stamps from some countries but I still should find other stamps.
  • Bro : Do you need much money for your hobby?
  • Sis : Yes of course I need much money because I order the stamps so it costs little bit expensive.
  • Bro : Wow…. Your hobby is expensive.
  • Sis : Yeah but I like to do it.
  • Bro : Okay good luck with your hobby.
  • Sis : Thank you.


  • Sis : I can never reach you when I call you in the afternoon. Your cell-phone is always off. What do you do after school?
  • Bro : I work as a part-timer in a Japanese restaurant.
  • Sis : What time do you finish work?
  • Bro : I finish work at 6 in the evening, but I sometimes work until 9.00
  • Sis : Do you ever relax?
  • Bro : Oh yes, I sometimes relax with friends in the restaurant kitchen, but it is when Miss Yamagata is not around.
  • Sis : Who is Miss Yamagata?
  • Bro : She’s my boss
  • Sis : What do you do when you get home?
  • Bro : I hardly ever go strait home after work. I have another job.
  • Sis : Oh, really? You are so busy. What do you do when you finish work at the restaurant?
  • Bro : I go to Miss Yamagata’s house after the restaurant. I go there three times a week.
  • Sis : Hmm? What do you in Miss Yamagata’s house?
  • Bro : I teach Miss Yamagata Indonesian language, and she teaches me Japanese.
  • Sis : What time do you go home from Miss Yamagata’s house?
  • Bro : If we start at 7, we finish at 9.
  • Sis : Do you ever start after 7?
  • Bro : Yes, often. We rarely start at 7 actually. We often start after 9.
  • Sis : If you start at 9, what time do you finish?
  • Bro : At 11, sometimes until midnight. Why? You sound jealous.
  • Sis : I am jealous. You are my boyfriend, you know!
  • Bro : Not anymore. I love someone else and I think she loves me too.
  • Sis : Who? Who is your new girlfriend?
  • Bro : Miss Yamagata, of course.


  • Patient : Doctor, a bee has stung me. The pain is unbearable.
  • Doctor : Don’t worry; I’ll apply some cream on it.
  • Patient : You’ll never find that bee. It must be faraway.
  • Doctor : No, I’ll apply the cream on the place where you were stung.
  • Patient : Oh! It happened in the park where I was sitting under a tree.
  • Doctor : No, No, you are mistaken; I mean, on the part of your body where the bee stung you.
  • Patient : Oh, it was on my finger!
  • Doctor : Which one?
  • Patient : How am I to know? All bees look the same to me.
  • Doctor : Oh my God! I have never come across such a foolish person in my life!


  • Bro: Do you bring pencil sharpener?
  • Sis: Yes, (I) bring. Here.
  • Bro: I borrow for a moment. Mine is brought by my sister.
  • Sis: Ya, just use it.
  • Bro: How much did you buy it?
  • Sis: Two for one thousand.
  • Bro: Oh, not so expensive. Please buy two for me / Can you buy two for me?
  • Sis: Yes, this afternoon I will buy it for you.
  • Bro: Here is the money. Thank you.
  • Sis: You’re welcome.


  • Sis: Yesterday I went to Toko 5000 (5000 shop).
  • Bro: Toko 5000? What is it?
  • Sis: Toko 5000 is a shop which most of the items sold for Rp 5000 atau priced Rp 5000 (five thousand rupiahs).
  • Bro: Oh yes? (atau Is it?) I just know. Where is the location?
  • Sis: On Gatot Subroto street, not far from my house.
  • Bro: What items are sold there (available there)?
  • Sis: It’s vary. Starting from school needs, books, papers, ballpoint, and also house tools.
  • Bro: What did you buy yesterday?
  • Sis: I just bought a dozen of ballpoints.
  • Bro: How much?
  • Sis: Ya…, Rp 5.000. The name is Toko 5000.
  • Bro: One dozen of ballpoints for Rp 5000? So, less than Rp 500 per piece? Is the quality good?
  • Sis: Ya.., it’s fair enough/good enough. I bought it/them for me and my brothers.
  • Bro: I also want to buy it/them. Can I see one of your ballpoint?
  • Sis: Here.
  • Bro: Thank you. This afternoon I go there….


Handling a Room Reservation
A = Reservation staff B = Mr Chris Scott

  • A : Good morning Reservation (of Kimuni Hotel), how may I help you?
  • B : I want to book a room (make a room reservation)
  • A : When would you like to stay with us?
  • B : Around the end of this/the year.
  • A : All right Sir. We have 3 types of room, standard, deluxe, and suite. The price of the standard room is Rp 50.000 (fifty thousand rupiah) per night, deluxe room is Rp 100.000 (one hundred thousand rupiah) per night, and the suite is Rp 200.000 (two hundred thousand rupiah) per night. What(which) type of room would you like to book?
  • B : I want to book a deluxe room for me and my wife.
  • A : Please wait a moment. I will check if the deluxe room is still available for the end of the year.


  • A : All right Sir, we still have deluxe room available for the end of the year. May we know your arrival and
  • departure date?
  • B : I will arrive on 27th December and depart on January 03rd.
  • A : All right Sir I will make a room reservation for you. Could I have/know your name please?
  • B : Chris Scott
  • A : Could you spell it for me please?
  • B : C for Charlie, H for Hotel, R for Romeo, I for India S for Sierra. S for Sierra, C for Charlie, O for Oscar,
  • T for Tango, T for Tango……
  • A : All right Mr Scott, I have made a room reservation for you. You will check in on December 27 and check out
  • on January 03, total 7(seven) nights. I will send the confirmation by fax. Could I have your fax number?
  • B : I am sorry I don’t have fax.
  • A : How about email?
  • B : Yes, this is my email address :
  • A : Thank you. I will send the confirmation by email.
  • B : Thank you


Handling Check In (I)
A : Receptionist B : Mr Chris Scott

  • A : Good morning. Welcome to Kimuni Hotel. May I help you?
  • B : Good morning. I want to check in.
  • A : Do you have a reservation/Have you got a reservation?
  • B : Yes, under (the name of) Chris Scott.
  • A : Please wait a moment. I will check it first.


  • A : Yes Mr Scott. We have your reservation for one deluxe room. Check in today and check out on January 03,
  • total 7(seven) nights. Is that correct (in order)?
  • B : Yes, It’s correct.
  • A : Could you fill in this registration form, please.


  • B : Here you are. (returning the form to the receptionist).
  • A : Thank you. How will you pay(settle) your bill?
  • B : Can I pay by credit card?
  • A : Sure/Certainly. We accept Amex, Visa, Master, BCA and JCB card.
  • B : I will pay by Visa Card.
  • A : Could I imprint your card, please/Could I take an imprint of your credit card, please?
  • B : Sure. Here you are.
  • A : Thank you.


  • A : Here you are (returning the card to the guest).
  • B : Mr Scott, your room number is 4425. Here is the room key. Our bell boy will escort you to the room.
  • Enjoy your stay with us/Have a nice stay with us.


Escorting guest to the room (II)
Arrive in front of the room. Bell boy opens the door and enter the room first (without luggage), followed by the guest. Bell boy return to take the luggage.
After putting/placing the luggage

  • A : Mr Scott, would you like me to explain your room facilities?
  • B : Yes, please.
  • A : We start from here. This is the master switch for the power. Insert your key card here, and the power will be on. If you leave the room, take your key card from here, and the power in the room will be off.


  • A : This is the telephone, which can be used to make an International Direct Dial (IDD) call. Please press “9” first and then the telephone number. This is the remote control for your television, and your minibar is here. This is the form for the minibar. Please fill in this form if you take a drink or something from the minibar. And this is the remote control for your Air Conditioner. Here is your safety deposit box. Please put your valuable things here. You can read how to use it here. Now we go to the bathroom…. This is the hot and cold water tap. The red one is for the hot water, and the blue one is for the cold water. Here there are two bottles complimentary mineral water per day. Tooth brush and tooth paste are here, while the razor blade is here. Shower cap is here, and here is garbage bag…. This is the laundry bag, and the laundry form. Please fill in the form if you wish to do the laundry…
  • A : I think that’s all. Is there any questions?
  • B : No, thank you.
  • A : You’re welcome. Have a nice stay with us.


Changing money
A : Teller B : Visitor

  • A : Good morning, can I help you?
  • B : Good morning. I want to change money. What is the rate of USD (US Dollar) today?
  • A : The buying rate is Rp 9.200 (nine thousand two hundred), while the selling price is Rp 9.500
  • (nine thousand five hundred). Would you like to buy or sell USD?
  • B : I want to sell USD into Rupiah.
  • A : How much?
  • B : USD 1.000 (one thousand Dollars).
  • A : Please fill in this form first.
  • B : Thank you.


  • B : Here is the form, and here is the USD.
  • A : Thank you. I will count first. Please wait a moment.
  • B : Can I have hundred thousand notes?
  • A : I will check first.


  • A : Sir, here is the money. All are in Rp 100.000 notes. Please count first.
  • B : Thank you. Can I have a plastic bag?
  • A : Sorry we don’t have plastic bag. You can use this envelope.
  • B : Thank you.


Transfering Money

A : Teller B : Visitor

  • A : Good morning, Sir
  • B : Good morning. I want to transfer money to Pratama Bank in Surabaya
  • A : How much?
  • B : Rp 500.000 (Five Hundred Thousand Rupiahs)
  • A : Would you like the normal transfer or RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)?
  • B : What is the different?
  • A : The normal transfer will take 2-3(two or three) working days, and RTGS will take around 3 hours.
  • B : How about the fee?
  • A : The normal transfer Rp 5.000 (five thousand rupiahs), dan RTGS Rp 25.000 (twenty five thousand rupiahs)
  • B : Just the normal transfer
  • A : Thank you. Please fill in this form first.
  • B : Thank you.


  • B : Here is the form, Madam.
  • A : Thank you. Can I count the money?
  • B : All right, here you are.
  • A : Thank you. Please wait a moment.


  • A : Sir, here is the transfer receipt. Please keep well.
  • B : Thank you.
  • A : You’re welcome


Going to Uncle’s House

  • A : William B : Erick
  • A : Hello… Erick..!?
  • B : Oh, hello William.. How are you ?
  • A : I’m fine. Thank you. How about you ?
  • B : I’m fine, too. You bring a lot of things. Where do you want to go, anyway ?
  • A : I want to go to my uncle’s house.
  • B : Oh, I see.
  • A : Yes, tomorrow is my uncle’s birthday.
  • B : Really..!?
  • A : Yes Erick.
  • B : And have you buy something special for your uncle?
  • A : Yes, I have.
  • B : May I know, what is it?
  • A : Of course. I bought a very good wallet. Made in Italy.
  • B : Wow… Your uncle must be happy to receive it.
  • A : I hope so.
  • B : By the way, are you alone to go there?
  • A : Yes, I am.
  • B : If you don’t mind, I can escort you till there by car.
  • A : Are you serious…!?
  • B : Yes, I am.
  • A : It takes about 2 hours, you know.
  • B : It’s okay, william.
  • A : You are very kind to me. Thank you so much, Erick.
  • B : You are my friend. And don’t be silly.
  • A : Oh, okay. Please, forgive me.
  • B : Then, shall we go now?
  • A : OK.
  • B : Good. Let’s go now.


Roasted Fish

  • A : Do you like eating fish?
  • B : Yes, I like salted fish. How about you?
  • A : I also like eating fish. I like roasted fish.
  • B : Where do you usually buy it?
  • A : If I have time, I usually buy it in a small warung/shop on the beach.
  • B : What time do you usually go there?
  • A : It opens from 03.00 PM (three o’clock) until about 10.00 – 11.00 PM (ten or eleven o’clock/PM).
  • B : How much is it?
  • A : If it’s small / The small one is, around Rp 20.000 (twenty thousand Rupiahs), and the big one is around
  • Rp 35.000 (thirty five thousand Rupiahs) up to Rp 50.000 (fifty thousand Rupiahs).
  • B : Is the price including rice and vegetable?
  • A : Yes, including rice, vegetable, and hot or sweet sauce.
  • B : How about (the) drink?
  • A : Drink is not included. You should pay extra for the drink.
  • B : One day, please take me there.
  • A : Yes, my pleasure.
  • B : Thank you.


  • A : Do you have cat at home?
  • B : Last time I had, but now no. My mother doesn’t like cat. How about you?
  • A : I have one male cat. The hair is yellow and white. I like him very much. I often play with him.
  • B : Do you make a special house for him?
  • A : No, I don’t make it for him.
  • B : Where does he sleep?
  • A : More often outside the house. But, if it rains, in the living room.
  • B : What do you usually feed him?
  • A : He likes salted fish. Sometimes I buy special cat food for him.
  • B : Actually I want to have a cat again, but my mother doesn’t allow/prohibit me.
  • A : Temporary don’t have it first. Maybe later, if she has changed her mind.
  • B : Thank you for your advice.


  • A : Do you often read newspaper?
  • B : Sometimes. My mother sometimes brings it from her working place.
  • A : What do you like to read most?
  • B : I like news most, especially news about other country. Someday I want to go overseas.
  • A : You should be able to speak English if you want to go overseas.
  • B : Yes, I will learn it from now.
  • A : Is there also English lesson in the newspaper?
  • B : Yes, but very little.
  • A : Oh ya, what paper do you often read?
  • B : Pos Kota paper. How about you? Do you also like to read newspaper?
  • A : Actually I like, but I don’t have newspaper to read. My mother never brings it for me.
  • B : One day I will bring it for you.
  • A : Thank you.


  • Bro: Hi, I am Bro. What’s your name?
  • Sis : Hi Bro, I am Sis. Where are you from Bro?
  • Bro : I am from Indonesia. What about you?
  • Sis : I am from Singapore.
  • Bro : Singapore? I really love the food of Singapore. What’s your job there?
  • Sis : I am a manager of a Hotel. How about you? What do you do for a living in Indonesia?
  • Bro : I am a doctor and now work as a director in a hospital.
  • Sis : That’s so great. Actually, how old are you?
  • Bro : I am thirty-two years old.
  • Sis : Amazing. You are young and smart. I was thirty-five when director took me as a manager. So, what’s your education?
  • Bro : I am a graduate of Gajah Mada University especially for medical school. How about you? What’s your education?
  • Sis : I am graduate of University of Singapore.
  • Bro : Nice. Do you have a hobby?
  • Sis : Yes of course. I like surfing.
  • Bro : Indonesia has may spot of surfing. One of them is Bali.
  • Sis : I got it. I have surfed there for twice and I love Kuta.
  • Bro : Great, but sometime I want you to know Lampung. There are a nice spot for surfing like in Bali. This is a new place that so different.
  • Sis : Really? I am interested to try.
  • Bro : I can accompany you to go there next week. Because my family and I are going to Lampung.
  • Sis : Seriously? I am quite happy about that. May I ask your phone number?
  • Bro : Yes. This is my phone number 081234508797.
  • Sis : Ok. I will call you. Very nice to meet you and see you next week in the airport.
  • Bro : Yaph, nice to meet you too.


  • Waiter: Good night. Table for two?
  • Bro: Yes, please.
  • Waiter: Smoking or non-smoking?
  • Sis: Non-smoking.
  • Waiter: Right this way.
  • Bro and Sis are guided to a table that special used for non smoking visitors.
  • Waiter: I will be back for several minutes for taking your order.
  • After 5 minutes, the waiter comes back and asks for an order.
  • Waiter: Hmm, it has been 5 minutes. Are you ready to order?
  • Bro: Before take an order. I wanna ask you something. What is Succotash?
  • Water : It is a food dish consisting lima beans and corn.
  • Bro : How about Beef Stroganoff?
  • Waiter: It is a beef cut for only small pieces and served with a sour cream and a white wine sauce.
  • Bro: I am interested with the second choice. It sounds good.
  • Waiter: Excellent. Beef Stroganoff is a great choice for you. That comes with French fries, fried mushrooms, or rice?
  • Bro: I will have French fries.
  • Waiter: What do you want to start?
  • Bro: I’ll have a mushroom soup.
  • Waiter. OK. And what can I get for you a beautiful lady?
  • Sis: Do you have a recommendation for a small portion?
  • Waiter: Small portion?
  • Sis: Yes, because I’m not very hungry.
  • Waiter: Ok. Do you like the Chicken with Mushrooms? Comes with rice but I am sure that it’s a small portion for you.
  • Sis: I’ll take it with Salad to start.
  • Waiter: Good choice. And the drink?
  • Sis: an orange juice, please.
  • Bro : I will have a coke for drink.
  • Waiter: Nice. I’ll be back with your great drinks in several minutes.


  • Student : Excuse me, Madam.
  • Teacher : Yes.
  • Student : I am one of the students that chosen for being a representative of our school in a Mathematics competition. That will be held next week in University of Indonesia, Jakarta. I would like to join with my team to discuss some important materials for the competition. May I leave the class earlier today?
  • Teacher : You have got a permission from the principal?
  • Student : Yes, because my team and I had asked directly to the principal yesterday and he permitted us.
  • Teacher : Good.
  • Student : Thank you, M’am.
  • Teacher : Ok. You are welcome.


  • Evan : Hi George. Have you done a preparation for the final exam?
  • George: Just a little. I even don’t think about it. Because in my mind there are so many plans for holiday.
  • Evan : Any plans for this summer?
  • George : Yes of course. I am going to go to Indonesia. Visit Bali and try to go to Kalimantan island.
  • Evan : Indonesia? That sounds good. What will you do there?
  • George : Surfing in Bali, travelling in rain forests, and visiting a traditional house in Kalimantan. What about you? Already have a nice plan?
  • Evan : none. My parents are quite busy because of business.
  • George : Don’t be sad. You can go with us if you want.
  • Evan : Really? Of course I want.
  • George : Excellent. Your problem is solved right?
  • Evan : Yeah. Thank you George.
  • George : You are welcome Evan.


  • Sandra: I would like a room, please.
  • Receptionist: Ok. Have a reservation?
  • Sandra: Reservation? No, I don’t.
  • Receptionist: How many nights? Or a week?
  • Sandra: A week please.
  • Receptionist: Just for you?
  • Sandra: Yes.
  • Receptionist: Do you want dinner and breakfast?
  • Sandra: Yes both of those.
  • Receptionist: Ok, you order a room for a week and that will be $1100. Pay now or check?
  • Sandra: I’ll pay with a check.
  • Receptionist: Ok, please fill this form and sign here.
  • Receptionist: Thank you. This is your key. Your room is on the second floor precisely in room 235. The bell boy will guide you.


  • Conversation over telephone
  • Alan : Hello.
  • Andin : Hello, Metro Computer here.
  • Alan : Can I get Mr. Henri for a several minutes, please?
  • Andin : Please hold your phone on and I will see whether he comes or not today.
  • Andin : Hello, Mr. Henri is on the way and he will arrive here about ten minutes later. May I know your name sir?
  • Alan : I’m Alan. Mr. Hendri’s younger brother
  • Andin : Do you have a message for him?
  • Alan : No thanks. I just wanna call again at the afternoon.
  • Andin : Ok. I will tell Mr. Henri that his younger brother named Alan called and will call again at the afternoon. May I hang the phone up?
  • Alan : OK. Thank you.
  • Andin : You are welcome.


  • Dave : Hi Sheila, long time no see you.
  • Sheila : Dave, it’s great to see you here. What are you doing here?
  • Dave : I am working, as a tour guide for many tourists here.
  • Sheila : Tour guide? It means that you have a new work because I remember that three years ago you were a teacher, didn’t you?
  • Dave : Yes, I just feel bored to be a teacher and wanna try a new job. How’s you? What do you do for a living right now?
  • Sheila : A year after we met, I got a promotion to be a manager. That’s wonderful because I have dreamed every day to reach that position.
  • Dave : Yeah that’s cool. I knew that you work so hard and try to be the best every day. May I go for several minutes for guiding those tourists. It seems that I have been late.
  • Sheila : Ok, no problem. Great to meet you here.
  • Dave : So do I. I will call you later.


Son : I’m sorry to bother you, I need a help daddy.
Father : What help?
Son : I want ss…some…mm money.
Father : What was that?
Son : I said I want some money.
Father : Money? What for?
Son : I’ve lost my friend’s cell phone Daddy.
Father : Your friend’s cell phone? How did it happen?
Son : It was in my shirt pocket, Daddy. While travelling in a crowded bus, some thief picked it from my pocket. I have to buy a new one and give it to him.
Father : You’re always careless. How much does it cost?
Son : Only one milion rupiah
Father : Go and get it from your mom.
Son : Thank you, Daddy.


  • A: Do you have a car?
  • B: Yes, I do.
  • A: What kind of car do you have?
  • B: I have a Honda.
  • A: Is it new?
  • B: It was new in 2003.
  • A: So, it’s pretty old now.
  • B: Yes, it is. But it still looks good.
  • A: Do you take good care of it?
  • B: Oh, yes. I wash it once a week.
  • A: Do you change the oil?
  • B: My mechanic changes the oil twice a year.


  • Boss: Hi Sophia. Are you going to take a vacation at the end of this month?
  • Sophia:  Yes, that’s what we have decided. My husband and I haven’t had a vacation in a long time, so we thought that it would be nice to take one this summer.
  • Boss: Great. But do you think you could postpone it until next month? Alan, too, will be on leave at the end of this month. If you also take a vacation we’ll have fewer people to manage our front office.
  • Sophia: I see. I didn’t know about his plans. In that case, I guess I can put it off until next month.
  • Boss: That would be great. Thank you very much.


  • Sales assistant: Can I help you at all?
  • Customer: Yes, I’m looking for a cellphone for my son. Have you got the latest models?
  • Sales assistant: Of course, we have. Are you keen on a particular brand?
  • Customer: Well, I’m not very brand-conscious. Any brand will do. I just need an affordable cell-phone with a nice camera. My son is quite fond of taking photos.
  • Sales assistant: OK. I will show you a Samsung model. (The sales assistant pulls out a Samsung cellphone from the shelf and shows it to the customer.) Please have a look at this model. It has a great camera and a nice screen.
  • Customer: Well, what about the price?
  • Sales assistant: Well, it costs around $400.
  • Customer: OK. I will buy it then.
  • Sales assistant: Do you want anything else, Sir?
  • Customer: No, that’s all. Thanks.

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